History of the House

The house was built in 1898 by a Mr. B for his wife and baby daughter It stood for nearly a hundred years looking over False Creek in Vancouver, witnessing the change of growing industry with saw mills, ironworks and rail yards, and then in the 1970ís, the decline in industry and the gentrification of Fairview Slopes and False Creek South. In 1980 the house was barged over to Mayne Island to the present site where off and on for twenty years it has welcomed guests to this very peaceful and beautiful part of the world.

The Grounds

The house sits on three partly forested acres of native cedars, hemlock and salal. Open areas are rich in their diversity from meadows and lawns to a vegetable garden, animal shelters and a fruit, or pie, garden. One of the best beaches on the island is a short walk through the woods or following along beside a neighbouring sheep pasture.


The food gardens are fenced to deter the local deer who are a common sight on the property. A notice board enables visitors to record sightings of the local flora and fauna such as eagles, raccoons, tree frogs, and starfish. Two rather shy feral cats also share the farm. For a few weeks last summer an orphaned Cedar Waxwing made the farm his home. We have a hummingbird garden and feeders to attract the many birds who live at least part of the year on the Gulf Islands. In the fall and winter months, sea lions visit the area. Harbour seals can be seen year round on kayaking ventures in Campbell Bay.

eagle deer
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